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Volunteer Opportunities

TELEPHONE VOLUNTEERS:  Retrieve clients’ messages and return the clients’ calls to get pertinent information (i.e., address, directions to their house, number of family members, etc.). Later, they contact the drivers to give them the delivery information. Need to have access to email and MS Excel (simple spreadsheet). Time required:  About 1-2 hours per day (spread throughout your volunteer day), one or more times a month.

DRIVERS:  The volunteer drivers receive the client information from the telephone volunteer, pick up pre-packed (with non-perishables) food bags at the Pantry, add perishable items & additional food based on the size of the family, and then deliver the food directly to the clients.  Time required:  About 1-2 hours per day, one or more times a month.

FOOD DRIVE VOLUNTEERS:  Perfect for small groups (families, scouts, youth groups, etc.), food drives are needed throughout the year. Drives may be done at grocery stores, in neighborhoods, etc.  Assistance is available setting up and coordinating your drive. Volunteers may bring the food to the Pantry and put it away if desired. Time required:  About 3-5 hours per drive.

BAG PACKERS: (Openings for this position are very rare, as weekends are held by youth groups, etc. for long periods of time.)  Pack bags with non-perishable food items. Good activity for families or small groups (adult supervision required). Time required:  About 1-2 hours, one weekend day a month.

“PICK-UP” DRIVERS:  Pick up food, bread or diapers from churches, schools, businesses or other organizations that are donating to Germantown HELP and deliver it to the Pantry. Especially needed during the holiday season.

PERISHABLES VOLUNTEER:  Buys milk, margarine, eggs, frozen orange juice and cheese with provided grocery certificates to restock Pantry. Time required:  About an hour, once a week, every other week, or as a substitute as-needed. Usually shop over the weekend or Monday morning for deliveries at the beginning of the week and Wednesday or Thursday for deliveries at the end of the week.

PRESCRIPTION PHONE VOLUNTEERS: Check phone mail for prescription-assistance requests; contact clients and sometimes doctors/clinics for information and needs. A medical background and/or familiarity with medicines is very useful. Confidentiality of client information is very important.  Time required: About one week a month, one or more hours per day (variable, can be flexible).

HOLIDAY GIVING PROJECT:  Help is needed to pick up donated toys, deliver food and gifts, contact clients and organize events.  A single person may sponsor a person or family for Thanksgiving and/or December gifts of food and toys; a church may sponsor 75 families!  We need sponsors, toys, grocery gift cards and more…  A fun project for scout groups and families, too.  Time required:  Variable.

SPANISH SPEAKING INDIVIDUALS needed as phone volunteers and to provide occasional translation for printed materials.  Time required:  About 1-2 hours a day, one or more days per month, or on-call.

PLEASE EMAIL if you are interested.



High school students loading boxes of food they collected into a pickup car.

High school students loading boxes of food they collected into a pickup car.